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Darker KDE for us who don’t like to stare too much white


This time I’m going to do a simple share of my settings to keep them floating online for my own use and for anyone who’s interested to try them. Or in the other words, just keeping some record. Most likely this post will be updated over time.

I have used dark desktop themes for years, as I have found it more pleasant for my eyes. As it is with pretty much everything, I don’t stay with what is already provided by default, and ended up making the colour schemes of my own. I chose dark grey as the base colour, having bright grey for text and yellow/orange for highlight. Indeed, you might notice roughly similar colouring used on this site of mine. (:

Transition from KDE 3 to 4 made me to recreate the colour scheme, as the schemes from 3.x were incompatible with 4.x.

So, small tweaking back and forth over time had led me to have the following Dark Orange KDE colour scheme being in use as it is for a year or longer now. I’ve been using QtCurve widget style with these QtCurve widget style presets to go with DarkOrange colour scheme. Window decoration is another story.

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