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Who uses Kubuntu?

Published on 2010.01.31

…no you didn’t guess this (;

Pink unicorn pony using Kubuntu

Pink unicorn pony using Kubuntu

Even pink unicorn pony uses Kubuntu <3

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  1. nixternal says:

    If we do the Pink unicorn april fools day theme again, I am blaming you for it :)

  2. Justin Kirby says:

    I can one up you here…Hannah Montana uses Kubuntu! Check it out haha…

  3. ethana2 says:

    My eMac is still waiting for a solid global menu bar implementation in KDE..

  4. PonyBoi says:

    Ooooooh Pink Poniez! I uzes Kubuntu! Iz do!

  5. saem says:

    Is that an MacBook with the labelling changed up?

  6. collinm says:

    not me because it’s not enought stable, not enought polishing, i prefer mandriva and opensuse

    hope kubuntu will improve

  7. dr_gogeta86 says:

    How do you get a working kde4 on powerpc widout endianes error on rgba ?

    Tnks in advance

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