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UDS is for communities


I’m a first-timer on Ubuntu Developer Summit, or UDS in short, being here as Kubuntu and Ubuntu community active. I had some expectations while applying for the sponsorship and actually joining the event based on my previous remote participations.

I’ve been surprised how much community “development” can be done here, as one can easily get an image that these summits are for technical development. This has really shown how important part of the community is to actually have people working on community and ensuring things do work for every team within community.

UDS Ubuntu community folks writing blog posts for their communities together

Blog-o-rama for increasing communication, woo! (:

Now for being in here for couple days already, we have had really awesome discussions how to make our community and subsets of it (LoCos, other teams) more efficient and more engaging. I will write more in-detail about different sessions here as it will take its own time from and old, slow person like me. (:

One recurring topic here on both technical and non-technical sessions has been the need to increase communication and collaboration due to the grown community and distances due to that. This is especially important with small teams who cannot afford getting separated from the Ubuntu community as a whole. Together we are more, you know. (:

I would really like to encourage non-technical members of our community, especially those who are working on local communities to join these events as it would benefit both LoCos and the rest of the community.

As one of the actions to increase the spirit within local communities and other teams within Ubuntu community, we sat down together to write about this event. Actually this blog post is written during the blog-o-rama here in UDS.

Now that I have written this for communities out there, I should write something to our loco in our native language, so ->

ps. for dear fellows here at UDS, I just want to say WOO! (:)

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